Friday, 15 August 2008

Steve McClaren is all kinds of confused

Damn DITD is looking sports heavy today. This isn't so much sport as much as it is hilarious though. Steve McClaren (former England manager) took a job at Dutch side FC Twente a couple of months ago and has picked himself up a little accent.'s backwards...I the video. That doesn't make sense does it?

Steve McClaren: "We are not you say...underdogs?"
Ben standing behind me watching the video: "How you say Steve? It's your language!"


Tommy said...

Well done to McClarens public relations team (spin) they realised the public perception of him was rock bottom due to the Euro farce and he also needed to heal his injured ego. So with one well coordinated move he managed to get back in the spotlight, get some of the public warming to him and inflate his ego. The key is look at McClaren he is laughing before he answers the reporter and during it this is him not being able to contain himself because he knows its a stunt and you all fell for it !

Tego said...

Blanket PR isn't really the name of the game in football. He has a reputation of being a complete moron; this video further enhances that reputation. If that's what his public relations team wanted then more power to them. I don't think they needed to try that hard though.

j said...

I don't understand. He needs a PR team to make him look dumb?

I can think of much easier ways.

Hes always been a smiling gimp. I don't think he's bright enough to be in on a stunt.

Also, how is this good press? Reputed idiot confirmed as idiot?