Monday, 11 August 2008

Criminal knife possession down 50% from 2004

According to Met figures released today, the number of people charged with possessing a knife has fallen by 50% since 2004. Does that sound realistic? Well yes it does actually. The Met go on to say that they expect those numbers to increase massively over the next few months as they carry out a new operation called Blunt 2 or Don't Ignore Knife Crime Any More (DIKCAM) as many in the know have dubbed it. Blunt 2 came into operation in May, it involves a load of stop and searches (awesome) and some metal detector gates at tube stations for all those cross-London knife smugglers (knives are hard to come by in some sections of London known as the 'No Woolworths Zones').

"As a result more people are being arrested and charged for carrying knives. Since the beginning of April this year, 1187 people (887 adults and 300 youths) have been charged with possession of a knife or sharp instrument." I would personally like to see a break down of these cases, 3 adults to every youth? That seems disproportionate somewhat. Can I get a Police handbook definition of a "Sharp Instrument" too please? Because my pencil can be deadly.


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