Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Kanye West- Good Morning [Video]

I have a weird relationship with Kanye's last album. It's got a couple of songs that I can't stand ('Stronger' and 'Drunk and Hot Girls') but overall it's amazing. The DJ Toomp affect separates it from Kanye's first two albums completely. But depending on the day of the week I'll say I either like it, or I think it's boring. Interestingly though, when I'm leaving out to a meeting or something early in the day, I will run through the albums on my iPod and 9 times out of 10 I'll draw for 'Graduation'. I realised I was doing it one day and asked myself 'Why?'. I figured it out. The first song on the album is 'Good Morning', which is a great record as is, but the fact that it's called 'Good Morning' and actually has this feel of a long journey about it, I instinctively associate the album with getting started early in the day. Kanye knew that when he made this song! The dastardly devil!

The video for the song is pretty awesome too. I was just asking Jack the other day why standard, regular-old animation isn't used more these days. I like the CGI and whatnot but sometimes you just need the primary colours in 2-D.

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