Sunday, 17 August 2008

An Open Letter to MF Doom

I'm personally not an MF Doom fan. I quite liked his 'Dangerdoom' album and his beats on 'Fishscale' but overall I would definitely not call myself a fan. I'm not really a CunninLynguists fan either. They've got some nice beats and they had that great song with Masta Ace but beyond that I don't know their work at all.

Anyway. Kno from CunninLynguists has written an open letter to MF Doom about the way he treats his fans and the impact he's having on live hip-hop in the US. It's pretty great. Read it Here. "Holy awkward racial undertones, Batman" so real.

For the record, Doom takes the absolute piss with his fans; I can't respect that behaviour at all.

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