Friday, 15 August 2008

The Sun: "Grime will make you want to murder"

The Sun ran an incredible article on August 6th about a man who seriously likes The Supremes sitting down to listen to 12 hours of straight Grime Music. The results are life changing. Mr Dotun Adebayo found that the stint caused him to have murderous intentions, hold on though, don't fear, Mr Dotun Adebayo will not kill "I don’t have a violent nature." Whew. Thank god. The only grime artists mentioned are Crazy Titch and Dizzee Rascal but I would love to see a track by track breakdown of that list. Will it have that horrible new Wiley song that samples Daft Punk? Hey Kanye. Your move.

Ultimately I agree with Dotun Adebayo though. Why can't black people go back to making non-threatening music written by white people about their baby loves and such? Then us whites could stop being so darned scared of them all the time. Where I live there are no black people; so all I know of them is the music I hear. So when I went into town the other day I saw a "Hoodie" and thought he wanted to wear my Rolex. But I don't have a Rolex so I just nodded and asked him to hold my jar. The confusion made me buy a Snickers but that was homophobic. I'm so glad The Sun's here to tell me what to think.

LINK: Wow this section is called 'Sun Justice'


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