Friday, 1 August 2008

I Am Number 1

Well Dizzee's number 1. More power to him of course. But out of all the songs about having a job I am number 1. Dizzee had a song about having a job actually. Aha! Does that mean by proxy I'm number 1 for life? I think it might. I think it might almost certainly mean that.

Being serious, I was mentioned in The Guardian today in an article about anti-work songs and I was mentioned at number 1. I'm above Dolly Parton's perfect '9 To 5' and Clapham born Canibus. Go buy 'I Hate My Job' I loved that record, I toured it with Akala, Yes Boss and Goldie Lookin Chain, it was a lot of fun.

LINK: The article online

BUY: I Hate My Job on iTunes

MYSPACE IS GAY: I can't upload my own songs. Genius.

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