Monday, 18 August 2008

Hoods and Badges EP

I just listened to this the other day. I enjoyed it a lot. The whole direction of my writing changed when I made 'I Don't Go (Alone)'. I really wish we'd made a video for it at the time. You can buy 'Hoods & Badges EP' for just £1.49 on iTunes. A random thing to blog I know, but sometimes you just get to reminiscing.

Also the mixtape we put out to promote the EP. We mixed this with Akira The Don. He did a hell of a lot on this tape actually. All through this period of recording and promoting the mixtape and EP we were on our faces broke. We funded everything ourselves at that point, which meant that we owned the recordings which is good, but it also meant we relied on the help of friends like Akira a lot. We'd pretty much just met him too. We did 'Boom (Smash Stuff)', then we did a few gigs around that and one night at The Buffalo Bar Akira hadn't slept in a long while and had quite a decent amount of alcohol in his system we decided to get together and work this mixtape out. I don't think he knew what he was getting himself into. A fruitful relationship though I think you'll agree. Most recently culminating in a collaboration that will feature on ATD 16- which is available for pre-order right now!
Marvin The Martian: Hoods & Badges Mixtape Mixed By Jack Nimble & Akira The Don [zShare]

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