Friday, 13 June 2008

Barry George retrial

It must have passed me by, but I've just been reading details of Barry George's retrial for the murder of Jill Dando. I remember seeing a documentary about the lack of evidence used in the original trial and how the crown prosecution actually had no right to put him up for murder in the first place, he won an appeal last year and has been on remand since. His retrial began on June 9th with almost 7 years of his life lost to prison. My question is this; when did it become okay to try a man for the same crime twice? And how the f*ck did the crown prosecution let that case see the light of day with absolutely no evidence? My understanding is that Barry George has mental problems and was poorly represented in the original trial, it could be that he killed Jill Dando that night, but what country is it we're living in where a man can be treated so unjustly? We all have the right to fair trial no? I don't want to sound conspiracy theorist but the high profile murder of a TV personality unsolved for 2 years must have added some serious pressure to everybody involved with catching Jill Dando's killer.

R.I.P Jill Dando.


jen said...

It's a weird one. This is her hometown, so the news is so slanted. I suppose this, combined with my mere year and a few months in the country, leave me without much to say on the matter.

Wish I'd seen that doc, though. Sounds interesting

Anonymous said...

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