Thursday, 12 June 2008

9 votes for 42 days


Gormless Brown forced through his 42 day detention law yesterday by 9 votes. It's being reported that Gormless bought votes for his freedom destroying bill by promising funding for constituencies, mainly in Northern Ireland. This is when Democracy goes all the way wrong, it's no secret that New Labour have divided to conquer in their 11 years, separating the Scottish, the Welsh, the Northern Irish and the English by a growing veil of resentment, hell the North, South divide is as bad as I've known it socially; for no reason too, we're all getting fucked! The idea that we as common people under Gormless' rule can now be imprisoned for 42 days with no charge is so unbelievably frightening that you wonder whether we are in fact living in some kind of horrible sci-fi film. The abuses our civil liberties have suffered under this government defy belief, a Labour government at that, involvement in every level of existence in this country is affected by government on some level. Layers of blatant corruption are covered, re-covered and forgotten, the class divide is epic, education standards are at an all time low, bullying tactics at local government level blunt progress, the youth murder rate is beyond a joke. The BBC might want to focus on the politics side of Gormless Brown's failure; he can't convince his party, he has rebels, he backed out of the snap election etc. but of course it's deeper than that, Saint Tony of Blair is equally responsible, they are the 1-2, Tony's government fucked this country, Gormless just came in to finish the job (the only job he's done well so far). Save our economy? The Chancellor for 11 years is now going to save our economy? That's his economy! That false economy he built on debt, loans, mortgages and pensions. It's about time somebody with some profile broke down exactly what this government has done to this country, if it doesn't happen soon, any faith Britain has left in party politics will rapidly fade.

Say what you will about David Davis but resigning as an MP to re-fight the seat on the issue of the 42 days is exactly the kind of thing that the shit for brains politicians in this country need to be doing! That right there is a man of principle.

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