Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Kid Rock doesn't like taste of Apple

Kid Rock is boycotting Apple's iTunes because he believes that the artist back end is too low. Kid Rock's a few tens of millions down the line at this point so is in that beautiful position to be able to reject distribution, the most important online distributor no-less, some of us are not in that position and I don't want to piss anybody at Apple off because I'm a bitch and I have no choice but what Kid Rock says is not entirely untrue. The back end for artists out of an iTunes sale is outrageous.

This story comes off the back of billionaire geniuses Kiss announcing that they're not going to record a new album until fans start getting real and start to calm down with their downloading ways. Again, Gene Simmons and the gang are so rich it's beyond consideration but it's well documented that Kiss have many millions of fans worldwide and a Kiss record regardless of era or quality will do well, the fact that they've taken this stance affects the fans who want to buy Kiss records, or want to hear Kiss records, they appear to be doing back to the fans what the fans are doing to the industry; I respect that...saying that, I give a lot of music away and I love my fans, I will probably always sell and leak music in tandem, that's kinda the way it has to be in this era. Will illegal downloading ever slow? My thing is that there are kids now, who have grown up with downloading, there was no other, buying a C.D? What? I had broadband as long as I can remember. Can we breakthrough that mentality or have we lost a generation?

I say, Universal, Warners, EMI, Sony etc. get together and build like 50 million record players, give them away and stop releasing music on the internet completely, no digital formats, records are on Vinyl again and if you want it, you have to buy it! Unless you're listening to one of those horrible audio rips.

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jen said...

Just the other day, as we pulled out my Strange Days album (purchased for about $3 and without a scratch on it), Adam and I were talking about how neither of us had bought a record in ages. Sure, we've got that Coldplay 7 inch that came with NME, and a few other promo things.

Wait... now that I write this, I'm remembering that we bought an Akira 12-inch sometime last year. So nevermind.

Still... vinyl is good.