Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Lethal's a soldier

My boy Lethal B was performing at Download Festival over the weekend, apparently he got a bit of a Jay-Z reaction when he was announced and knew he was going to get a rough ride from a section of the audience; he's a soldier though and banged through the set. A few people were throwing bottles early on [retarded] and I know I would have thought about leaving at that point but if you know Bizzle and you know his live set you'll know that he can win over even the most skeptical audience member, by the sounds of things he won them over by the end and earned at the very least; their respect. I need to see Bizzle live again, him and 2Face were killing them on the 'Back To Bizznizz Tour'.

Spotted via DJSemtex.Wordpress.com

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