Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Marvin drunk spitting with Narstie & Nathan [VIDEO]

I remember checking my watch like 4 minutes before this popped off, it was 2:07AM so we're talking about 2:11AM or there abouts when Narstie started shouting "GET YOUR RAT OUT" into the Karaoke mic. The Moet, Belvedere and Wild Turkey had been flowing officially for 5 hours. Little Man grabbed a mic from the next room to see if we could make it sync, we couldn't. The freestyling reconvened shortly after, that footage is for another time though. SHABBA!

UPDATE: Marvin just reminded me that the reason Narstie is screaming so loudly at the start is because this one guy who was in Big Brother maybe last year was sleeping on a chair in our room. Narstie wasn't happy so woke him up with screaming.

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