Wednesday, 4 June 2008

The Solution is underrated

I didn't like Beanie Sigel's last album 'The Solution' all that much when I first heard it. We had it on tour with Lethal Bizzle last year at the same time as 'American Gangster' [Jay-Z], 'Maths+English' [Dizzee Rascal] and 'Free At Last' [Freeway] and it got the lowest amount of spins, there are clearly songs on the album that should never have been conceived. I actually forgot that I deleted the R.Kelly song from my iPod. The Ozzy Osbourne song with the riff from the first Kano album is pretty weak and I find it very hard to take any song sampling James Blunt seriously but apart from that, the album is solid. The song in the video ['Go Low']above should have been huge, is it me or is that a guide vocal by Rock City[?] while they waited for Akon to come through? 'You Aint Ready For Me' is that hard spit you want from Beans and Styles P, 'Pass The Patron' is the weirdest Beanie Sigel record maybe ever but he kills it, Ghostface kills it, Peedi kills it, why wasn't it a single? Hov kills 'Gutted' even though the beat is a little motionless. I've been listening to the album recently when I'm working out and it's one of the few modern rap albums that actually lends itself to self-motivation [Jeezy not included of course. That guy should sell time shares he's so good]. The album seemed to come and go though. I think he's back on house arrest after violating parole [his lack of tour activity and general movement leading to an unsuccessful promo campaign can largely be attributed to his parole] so god knows when we'll get a new Beanie Sigel album.

What we really need is some new Uncle Murda though.

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