Friday, 6 June 2008

I'm a Karaoke man!

On Tuesday I am going to be helping out my boy Akira as he hosts a room in The Karaoke Box in Farringdon at an event called 'Big Silly Karaoke party, in association with Versus Cancer' [catchy]. A couple of weeks ago I found a more info needed really. I was pretty terrified. I did like Hollyoaks taught me though and went to see my G.P straight away. He did a test, he said I'd have the results in a week...scarier still. I worked through the week trying to forget about it but it was difficult. When the day came I was sweating buckets, my GP told me it was not the big C but was something else. This was last Friday when I was supposed to be in Weston Super Mare , I'm genuinely sorry to everybody that came out but I couldn't let people know, Hollyoaks says I should but I'm just not that kind of guy. So I consider the battle against Cancer to be a big one for me at the moment and shall be embarrassing myself hugely alongside the likes of Happy Mondays, Agyness Deyn and Simon Le Bon, Jarvis Cocker, The Charlatans, Chas n Dave and many more. I'm going to try and sneak my rendition of 'Return of the Mack' into the set and I think we should try and do 'Boom'. Should be a great night.

If you find a lump, seriously; get it checked!

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