Sunday, 22 June 2008

Pre-Blogspot Mixtapes

It's about that time of the year when mixtapes pretty much dictate 95% of my playlist and with 'The Blogspot Mixtape' less than 24 hours away from internet infamy I figured I'd hook you up with two more internet exclusive mixtapes that I'm listening to right now.

The first is Charles Hamilton & DJ Green Lantern's 'Outside Looking' mixtape which is my discovery of the month easily. Green Lantern is the best mixtape DJ in the world to me, so I took a punt on this tape being decent and hopefully Charles Hamilton would come out with some game, the kid is pretty crazy. A young Eminem/ Masta Ace kind of flow. It's hard to describe, reminds me of Cory Gunz a little bit, a little bit of Lupe in there. He's having fun with it though, that comes across.

Charles Hamilton & DJ Greenl Lantern- Outside Looking [zShare]

The second tape is the new 50 Cent/ G-Unit tape called 'Sincerely Yours'. On the set of 50's new film [not sure which one], 50 recorded a throw-back tape with Mister Cee [Biggie's DJ]. Honestly it's pretty amazing, 50 on soul tracks is perfect, he really lets them breathe too, if you're driving today, whether you like 50 or not, throw it on and cruise. You will not regret it. It's basically 50 Cent swagger for 16 bars then a whole classic soul record. It's genius!

50 Cent & Mister Cee- Sincerely Yours [zShare]

Tomorrow though, it's about one thing!


Anonymous said...

do they shout MTV.COM!!! all over this one?

Marvin The Human said...

Haha they don't. It's pretty much just 50.