Monday, 2 June 2008

Daily Mail: Popular culture no longer applies to me

As a rapper and a hip-hop fan in Britain I constantly feel my back's to the wall culturally. Whenever somebody gets shot, stabbed, arrested for selling drugs or whatever it feels like hip-hop is mentioned. So honestly, I'm being totally honest here, I got pretty pissed off when this year's "Suicide epidemic" was going off Emo music wasn't mentioned, but then of course I checked myself, they made me feel like that, I don't think that, I listen to Marylin Manson like he's Jay-Z, I'm yet to kill myself.

The Daily Mail published a pretty sensationalist article about the dangerous "Cult of emo" which you will by now probably have heard about. My Chemical Romance were the main targets for the article and a few of their fans gathered to protest the story over the weekend (can you beat that for PR?). I think "Protests" are a somewhat watered down sentiment these days, I used to see all these embassies in London being protested on by African groups begging for Britain to send troops into their home countries to save their families from dictators and corrupt politicians, that really fucked with me, that's some real shit. My point is this; I am personally glad that there are kids out there listening to shit their parents don't like (these days that's rare, my mum hated Onyx, your mum likes Lily Allen, The Ting Tings and The Fratellis). I'm going to start making emo, thug, monster hardcore, death-rap, gangster rock, just for the kids who can't help themselves buying Hoosiers singles.

UPDATE: at the rally

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