Monday, 2 June 2008

I'm going to buy 'Tha Carter III'

You'll know by now that the most anticipated hip-hop album of the year; Lil Wayne's 'Tha Carter III' leaked on Friday afternoon. I have been a Wayne fan for a while now, longer than the hipster squad that go so hard for Wayne, The Clipse and and what have you. I've pretty much stayed mum on the subject of his new album since his last album. Wayne's every move has been analysed, over-analysed and re-over-analysed, he's said some stupid things, done some stupid things and made some pretty stupid songs. I always said that I'd ultimately reserve judgment until the new album dropped...and here it is.

I'll put my thoughts on the album into a proper post later in the week but I will say that I'm impressed by the general production sound, it's very consistent, I'm impressed by the conceptual songs and I'm happy that there are less "Throw-away" lines than I've become used to hearing from Weezy as of late. It's by no means perfect, there are a couple of songs that rub me the wrong way, but on the whole Wayne has done enough to convince me to purchase the album on June 10th.

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