Thursday, 26 June 2008

DJ Jack Nimble- Politically Incorrect Live Mix Podcast [Episode 1]

Jack got heavy into the mix the other day and ended up starting a new series of Podcasts 'Politically Incorrect' which will see you through your working day, be that homework, washing up, paper shuffling or hiring and firing, this is episode 1, all the mixes are live and are made up by the songs that Jack is listening to the week of recording. We wanted to call it an "OfficeCast" rather than a "Podcast" then we wanted to call it a "zShareCast" because we know most people will just listen to it through the zShare link but in the end we were unable to break tradition. No revolutionaries are we!
DJ Jack Nimble- Politically Incorrect Live Mix Podcast Episode 1 [zShare]

There once was a tracklisting here.
Jack talked about the series here

Exclusive mixtapes, exclusive e-TV shows, exclusive live mix podcasts, exclusive MP3s. How can Devil In The Distance not be the best new blog of the year?
UPDATE: zShare hates us. We're using Sendspace for the time being.
UPDATE 2: I think posting the tracklisting was a bad move. We're back on zShare with no tracklisting.

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