Thursday, 19 June 2008

The Blogspot Mixtape Tracklisting

'The Blogspot Mixtape' is finished. It will drop Monday! The final tracklisting is below. It's a seriously great mixtape if I do say so myself. Be excited, be very excited.

Everybody tune into DJ Semtex's show on 1Xtra tomorrow night from 10PM to Midnight to hear the exclusive 'Believe It' which is on 'The Blogspot Mixtape' as you can probably see.

1. Give Me The Drums Jack [Intro]
2. Paper Planes
3. C'Mon Baby [Freestyle]
4. Doctor Feat. Why Lout?
5. Return of the Marv
6. Gun Fever [Blam Blam]
7. GoodBooks Say... [Freestyle]
8. Mary Poppins [Freestyle]
9. Acceptable In The 80s
10. My Patch
11. Duffle Bag Marv [Freestyle]
12. Castlevania [Pixel Snippet]
13. Hood Lovely [Pixel Snippet]
14. Winebar Feat. Pixel
15. Great Day
16. Marv I Surrender [Freestyle]
17. Agent Orange [Freestyle]
18. Waste a Waste Man [Freestyle]
19. Step 2 Skank [Snippet]
20. Fresh Kick Feeling
21. Niche [Freestyle]
22. Boyspot
23. Spaceship
24. Your Mum 101 [Freestyle]
25. Superstar
26. Drugs In This Club
27. Terminator [Freestyle]
28. I Get Money [Signing On]
29. Believe It
30. Everything's Easy [Outro]


jen said...

Will you be releasing it as a single-track mix, or one that's broken into 30 tracks?

Just preparing myself for whether I'll need to be ready with a fast-forwarding finger every time the car stops. (The stereo is wired in wrong, so it doesn't remember where you are on a CD, let alone within a track. If we want to listen to more than the first 5 minutes, over and over and over again, there's a tedious fast-forwarding process involved.)

AK said...


Tego said...

We will be releasing as a single MP3 and separate tracks in a zip file.