Friday, 6 June 2008

Top Girl

I'm going to the premiere of a film called 'Top Girl' on June 25th, my girl Kate is doing some PR work on it at the moment so of course I am showing love on my site [for what it's worth]. This was filmed on the same estate that we shot the 'Back In The Day Remix' video [S.P.E/ home] and is definitely going to be worth checking out. I'll let the experts tell it.

At a time when young black London is hitting the news for crime and violence, TOP GIRLtells the story of girls growing up in a man’s world.

Brixton rude girls Donna and Felicia are inseparable best friends but aspiring MC Donna is unquestionably TOP GIRL. Truthful, tender and punctuated by ill advised sexual encounters, TOP GIRL is a naively comic story of deep and lasting friendship.

TOP GIRL is a film by Fierce Productions, an award-wining not-for-profit company working with young people. 20 plus young people understudied a professional crew in making the film and were also an integral part of developing the script and story. Says Fierce Director Rebecca Johnson ‘TOP GIRL is the second film we’ve shot on Stockwell Park Estate, right in the heart of Brixton. In a way both films are love songs to my local community but the themes they address are universal’. Rebecca’s documentary HOME TURF, also made with and on the Estate, was recently screened to great acclaim at the National Film Theatre. Her drama THAT SINKING FEELING netted international prizes and award nominations and FAST BREAK won the First Light Best Drama award in 2007.

TOP GIRL stars Rumbi Mautsi and Naomi Lewis, two major new talents, alongside established actors Alexis Rodney (Life and Lyrics) and Jay Brown (A Class Apart). It also features a blink-and-you’ll miss it cameo from veteran black British actor Victor Romero Evans (Storm Damage). TOP GIRL’s sound track features ex-Sugababe Mutya Buena and hot South London rapper Skwilla, a fast rising star in the British urban music scene.

TOP GIRL will be submitted to major film festivals internationally including Sundance, Berlin, Venice and the Academy Awards.

I'm hoping to get a trailer soon.

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