Monday, 16 June 2008

That One Time TV [EPISODE 1]

Introducing my new Kyte channel 'That One Time TV'.

I'm going to be traveling with my camera team for the next two months talking to anybody who wants to be talked to about their experiences in school.

The sections of 'That One Time TV' are...

Damn Homie In High School You Were The Man Homie
We want to know of any famous people that went to your school and what you know about those people.

I Gave You Some Cheese Flan
School is a harsh place for the toughest of us, what I want to know is some stories of physical situations that may have amused you or even mentally destroyed all makes for great TV.

Example was telling me a few weeks back about this one time he convinced a kid that the opposite of a "Rude boy" was a "Buderoy". "Buderoy" then went on to become slang in Example's school. I've stolen that word to name this section where I want to hear slang sayings or expressions that you felt were unique to your school and what they mean/meant.

Mr Jones Once Said
This section is about teachers you liked or disliked. Did your Maths teacher smell? Did your science teacher fall down the stairs? Let me know!

A Blue Hair Day
We've all worn some questionable items of clothing and we all definitely know somebody else who did. Let it be known.

Perfect Day
We want you to relive the ultimate in worst school days, the wound may still be fresh but it's time to let it breathe again.

If you want to get involved with 'That One Time TV' email me with your details and I'll try to set it up. If you come to any of my gigs over the next 2 months we'll have a camera ready to ask you questions.

My Kyte URL is Kyte.TV/MarvinTheHuman. Email any home made 'That One Time TV' videos and I'll put them up immediately.

I'm also going to talk to a people who are still in school to get a fresh perspective on 'That One Time'.

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